GW debate sways audience against giving Trump a chance

2 February 2017
Jackson Richman

George Washington University hosted a debate Wednesday night about whether or not President Donald Trump should be given a chance to govern in the Oval Office, and the con side won a clear victory, at least with the live audience.

The debate titled “Give Trump a Chance?” featured David Frum, senior editor for The Atlantic, and Brennan Center for Justice President Michael Waldman arguing against giving the president a chance, with Bloomberg View columnist Clive Cook and political analyst and attorney Gayle Trotter making the case that Trump should be given a chance to pursue the policies he campaigned on.

“The premise of this debate is wrong,” Trotter provocatively began her introductory statement, arguing that the real issue isn’t whether people should like Trump, or whether he’s president, because the fact remains that Trump is “the current occupant in the Oval Office.”

“We didn’t have this debate when Barack Obama won the election and reelection,” Trotter observed, and while she acknowledged that Trump may have flaws, especially personal ones, she also touted his ability to overcome social problems because he “tapped into the patriotism of his fellow Americans.”