Open to Debate Podcast Debates A.I. And Aliens

9 September 2022
Frank Racioppi

Is the Truth really out there?


Debates. You remember them. When both sides presented facts to support their chosen position. While debate has disappeared from much of our daily social interaction — replaced by conspiracy theories, demagoguery, and “Facebook” factoids — some institutions still attempt to exercise their intellect and deductive abilities via debate forums. Open to Debates is one such organization.


The most recent two episodes of debate podcast Open to Debate discusses futurist topics that may seem like science fiction, but could become nonfiction before long. They ask the questions “Should We Search for Extraterrestrial Life?” and “Will Artificial Intelligence Do More Harm Than Good?”


In each debate, one expert argues yes and one argues no.


In this latest episode, “Should We Search for Extraterrestrial Life?” episode, astronomer and SETI Institute co-founder Jill Tarter argues yes. Theoretical cosmologist and Science Channel host Paul Sutter argues no.


In last week’s “Will Artificial Intelligence Do More Harm Than Good?” episode, MIT economics professor Daron Acemoglu argues yes. Artificial intelligence and robotics researcher Darrell West argues no.


Listen to both episodes at or wherever you get podcasts.


Remember that one crackpot theory of election fraud is that votes for Trump were beamed to a satellite orbiting the earth, and those votes were changed for Biden. Could it be possible that the beam of votes was intercepted by an alien species and switched to Biden because aliens are “groomers” and wanted to visit pedophile pizza places run exclusively by Democrats? It’s possible.