As a Republican Jew, Am I Committing Political Suicide by Opposing Donald Trump?

20 September 2016
Karol Markowicz

Glick brings up an Open to Debate formerly known as Intelligence Squared U.S. debate held in Manhattan last week. The subject was “Blame the elites for the Trump phenomenon.” All four debaters were conservatives who are, within a range, anti-Trump. Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney and The Federalist’s Ben Domenech were on the side blaming the elites for Trump’s rise. Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin and Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens opposed that view, mostly arguing that the voters share some of the blame.

I was at that debate. I walked in siding with Rubin and Stephens. But Carney and Domenech presented the stronger argument and, in the end, I voted for their side.

When it comes to Trump, there’s a lot of blame to go around. The media, elites, voters, all of us are responsible for this sideshow being the nominee and possible president of the United States.