Intelligence Squared U.S. Is now “Open to Debate”

April 11, 2023
Shore Fire Media Press Release

Combating extreme polarization, information silos, and echo chambers through the framework of formal debate. 

Welcome to our new platform!


Today Intelligence Squared U.S., the leading nonpartisan platform for debate in the country, is relaunching under the name Open to Debate.

This is not just a name change. It’s about conveying a new, more focused mission to address how historic levels of polarization are dividing our nation and how we can fix it. The keyword in the new name Open to Debate is Open. That means being open to listening. Open to disagreeing. Open to understanding. Open to learning. Open to the other side.

Open to Debate will use the framework of formal debate produced in a variety of innovative formats to serve as a national model for how we can combat echo chambers, information silos, and the tribal mentality that is dividing the country.

Open to Debate aims to build on 15+ years of Intelligence Squared programming by doubling down on years of data acquired through audience polling which proves that debate has the power to change minds. On average, 32% of the Intelligence Squared audience has changed their mind from one side to the other after a debate. Even those who don’t change their minds often develop greater respect for the opposing view by encountering facts and moral arguments they had never considered.

A weekly public media program, Open to Debate will continue releasing new debates on a weekly basis across platforms: public radio (including Saturdays on WNYC), podcasts, online broadcasts, and digital video under the new name.

Learn more about the announcement here (link to press release). Become a Member (link to member page) to access our archive of 200+ Debates.

Be curious. Be open-minded. Be Open to Debate!