Joy Casino Ап Икс RESULTS: We Should Expand The Supreme Court - Open to Debate

RESULTS: We Should Expand The Supreme Court

Expand SCOTUS Poll Results

After keeping the vote open for 7 days, the results are in. The team arguing against the motion “We Should Expand The Supreme Court” has emerged as the clear winner. Congratulations to Akhil Reed Amar, a Yale Law professor, and Carter Phillips, a Supreme Court and appellate litigator, despite a valiant and compelling performance by Dahlia Lithwick, a legal commentator at Slate, and Tamara Brummer of Demand Justice, one of the leading organizations advocating reforms to the high court.

Watch the debate and decide for yourself.

A special thanks also goes out to The Newt and Jo Minow Debate Series at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law for their contributions to this exciting event.

For a full breakdown of voting results, see the graphic below.

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