12:15 PM | Thursday, December 14, 2023

Mock Trial: Is Trump Guilty in the January 6th Case?

In a new “Mock Trial” debate format, Open to Debate will take on the most important legal questions of our time, with each episode focusing on a high-profile case unfolding in the public square. We’ll…
With Sara Azari, Lanny Davis
December 14, 2023

How Would A No Labels Presidential Candidate Change the Outcome in 2024?

The centrist group No Labels is planning to host a bipartisan nominating convention in 2024. This is leading some people to speculate that they may promote a third-party candidate that better reflects the perspective of…
With Ryan Clancy, Rahna Epting
December 01, 2023

Is Netanyahu's Government Heading in the Wrong Direction?

Benjamin Netanyahu is the longest-serving prime minister in Israel’s history. After five elections happening in four years, Israeli voters re-elected him in November 2022 where he established a new government while on trial for corruption…
With Jeremy Ben-Ami, Caroline Glick
May 26, 2023

Should The U.S. Ban TikTok?

With one billion active users across more than 150 countries, TikTok is by many measures the world’s most successful video app. Nearly one in three Americans have an account. It is the most downloaded app…
With Milton Mueller, Kori Schake
February 17, 2023

Is Anti-Zionism the New Anti-Semitism?

Zionism — the belief that the Jewish people have a right to statehood in Israel — has been debated for decades. But recently, the Trump administration has publicly championed the Zionist cause and defended the…

Can Israel Live With A Nuclear Iran?

Over the summer of 2012, despite increased international pressure and economic sanctions, Iran doubled the number of nuclear centrifuges installed in its underground Fordow site, stopping just short of the capacity to produce nuclear fuel.…
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