Should Biden Step Aside?

During the current election cycle, President Biden has dismissed concerns about seeking re-election. He says that he is fit for the job and in it to win it. But after the first 2024 Presidential Debate,…
Public Release Date
July 19, 2024

Mock Trial: Murthy v. Missouri - Free Speech, Government and Misinformation on Social Media Platforms

The Supreme Court is taking up a case that could affect how you read about issues during a crucial election year. Government officials concerned about misinformation related to topics such as COVID and election integrity…

Should Elite Universities Reinstate the SAT?

High school students have breathed a sigh of relief for the last couple of years as some colleges decided to make their applications test-optional during the COVID pandemic, meaning they did not need to submit…
May 3, 2024

Should Congress Stop Funding the War in Ukraine?

Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States has provided more than $75 billion in aid to Ukraine, which has been directed toward military operations, economic support, and humanitarian assistance. As the…

Unresolved: The Iran Threat

Post-October 7th, Iran's presence in the Middle East—and on the world stage—is growing stronger, many say, given its nuclear ambitions and its use of proxies in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen, most recently disrupting shipping…
February 16, 2024

Mock Trial: Is Trump Guilty in the January 6th Case?

In a new “Mock Trial” debate format, Open to Debate will take on the most important legal questions of our time, with each episode focusing on a high-profile case unfolding in the public square. We’ll…
January 5, 2024
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