Is It OK to Pay for Sex?

Prostitution remains heavily stigmatized and legally complex globally, ranging from full decriminalization to controlled regulation like the Nordic Model, where only purchasers of sex, not sellers of sex are penalized. This model has been implemented…
June 7, 2024

Ban the Box: Should We Banish the Criminal History Check Box from Job Applications?

1 in 3 adults in the United States have a criminal record, which offers significant challenges to these individuals, including reentering the job market after incarceration. Over the years, there’s been a push for “Ban the…
April 19, 2024

Childhood Obesity Guidelines: Good Medicine or Too Extreme?

In 2023, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued groundbreaking guidelines to tackle childhood obesity, affecting over 14 million U.S. children and adolescents. These guidelines advocate for earlier, more aggressive interventions, including evaluating adolescents with severe…
March 29, 2024

Should We Address the Gender Wage Gap?

American women are, on average, paid 84 cents for every dollar men make, according to the Department of Labor. This wage gap has persisted despite near-record rates of women’s participation in the labor market, with…
March 8, 2024

How to Resolve Conflict in Relationships: A Conversation with Esther Perel

Conflict is not reserved for politics or public policy — it also happens within relationships.  Couples have arguments over what’s happening behind closed doors, their beliefs, and how to navigate the future together. However, it’s through…
February 9, 2024

David Petraeus and Andrew Roberts on Conflict, War, and Debate

Debate is a form of conflict that is played out through words, arguments, civility, and the capability to exchange ideas with people we disagree with. But what happens when debate fails — and what leads…
January 12, 2024
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