FAQs - Open to Debate Questions

Where are the debates held?

New York debates for the spring 2020 season will be held at Florence Gould Hall at the French Institute at 55 East 59th Street between Park and Madison Avenues. Please refer to the specific debate you plan on attending for more information.

What does the pre-debate reception include?

The full ticket price ($40) includes entrance to the pre-debate reception and priority access to seating. The reception begins one hour before the start of the debate in the lobby of Florence Gould Hall. This is a great opportunity to socialize with like-minded New Yorkers and ignite stimulating discussion of the evening’s topic. There is an open bar including soda, waters, and wine. At approximately 6:30PM, the auditorium doors will open and reception patrons have first access to general admission seating. All other ticket holders will be allowed access to the auditorium at 6:45PM followed by the debate starting at 7:00PM. Please refer to the specific debate you plan on attending for more information.

How do I purchase tickets to attend?

As a traveling debate series, our debates occur in different venues around the country. Please refer to the specific debate you plan on attending for more information.

Is seating general admission only?

Yes, all seating is general admission with the exception of the preferred seating section reserved for our benefactors (to learn more about how to become a sponsor of Intelligence Squared U.S., click here

How can I listen to the debates?

You can download or stream the edited radio broadcast (as heard on NPR) or the unedited audio from the AUDIO/VIDEO section of each individual debate page or subscribe to the Intelligence Squared podcast series on Apple Podcasts. Debate audio is usually available one week from the live event.

How can I watch the debates if I’m not in New York?

All debates can be watched directly on the AUDIO/VIDEO section of each individual debate page. Video is typically available within a day or two after each debate.

I have an idea for a debate. Whom do I contact?

You can send an email to: info@intelligencesquaredus.org.

Can I become a Friend of Intelligence Squared U.S.?

Yes, we have four levels of support—Friends can be Bright, Brilliant, a Genius or a Polymath. All levels include preferred seating at the debates. Brilliant, Genius and Polymath levels of support include invitations to post-debate dinners with panelists and distinguished guests. Click Here for more information or to become a Friend of IQ2 U.S..

What job opportunities are available at Intelligence Squared U.S.?

Internships are available in the research, marketing and development departments. To apply for an IQ2US internship, send your cover letter, resume and a writing sample to jobs@iq2us.org

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