What does it mean to "win" an argument?

How can we argue in good faith?  How can we communicate with confidence?  How can we uncover new ideas through the art of debate?  Journalist, broadcaster, and best-selling author Mehdi Hasan has made a career…

Changing Your Mind, with Adam Grant, Ray Dalio, and Bo Seo

What does it take to admit you’re wrong? And why is it so difficult? Cognitive psychology and neuroscience studies reveal that human decision-making relies on a host of factors that don’t always lead to objective…

Long Live The British Monarchy?

For nearly three-quarters of a century, Queen Elizabeth II sat on high as Britain’s monarch. With her death, however, new political momentum is building that casts fresh doubts about the future of the British Crown.…

Should America Forgive Student Debt?

Facing growing discontent over the rising student loan repayments in the middle of a Pandemic, many prominent Democrats – and some Republicans – are calling on Washington to cancel much of the $1.7 trillion that…
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