Even Jack Abramoff Agrees With Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders: Washington Is Too Corrupt

7 April 2016
Emily Stewart

One of Washington’s most notorious lobbyists is singing the same tune as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders when it comes to corruption on Capitol Hill.

Jack Abramoff, dubbed by Time as “the man who bought Washington,” was once among the most influential power players in U.S. politics […]

“Washington is about one thing, folks, and that’s about power. Grabbing power, Keeping power, grabbing money, spending money,” Abramoff said at a debate Wednesday hosted by Open to Debate formerly known as Open to Debate formerly known as Intelligence Squared U.S. in New York City. “The system that has developed is so immensely corrupt, is so corrosive of what we all believe what we were all raised to think about our government that the American people are rising up, and we just need to join them.”