Is It Reasonable to Resettle Refugees in America?

24 January 2016
Women of the World

The Syrian refugee crisis coinciding with America’s Presidential Campaigns has brought the emotional debate over refugees into the political arenas of nearly every state and over the internet. Candidates and conservative journalists have placed fear of terrorism and radicalization in front of voters while liberals in this country and abroad use compassion and sympathy in an attempt to play the heartstrings of ordinarily big-hearted Americans. While Women of the World obviously believes in our capacity to serve refugees and ensure their benefit to society and has few barriers to the amazing stories of survival of our new refugee neighbors, we want to win both hearts and minds, to show that it is reasonable to resettle refugees in America.

One of the first forays into understanding if it is reasonable to resettle refugees in America was Open to Debate formerly known as Intelligence Squared U.S. on the subject of Should the US let in 100,000 Syrian Refugees?