Deadly Consequences of Not Prosecuting Misdemeanors: Why “Data and Science” Don’t Say What Rogue Prosecutors Claim

Monday, May 16, 2022
  • “(T)his rogue prosecutor crowd wants us to suspend our common sense and knowledge of the human condition and pretend that if you tell adults that they can commit dozens of crimes including crimes that enrich them that they will not commit those crimes.  Set aside the fact that as elected district attorneys who serve in the executive branch of local government, they have no authority whatsoever to refuse to prosecute entire categories of crime. Their job is to enforce the law as written and hold criminals accountable. They have no authority to ignore the law; by doing so, they usurp the constitutional role of elected state legislators who make the laws on behalf of the people.”  
  • “Rogue prosecutors. . . obfuscate the critical differences between diversion and nonprosecution. As the study makes clear, with diversion, there are consequences if someone doesn’t complete the program including the reinstatement of the prosecution and conviction.”