Would Plato Want An Amazon Card?

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If Jeff Bezos had built an Amazon of antiquity, would Plato have been a Prime member? On the one hand, the old philosopher could have sold his life’s work to a wider audience, retired from Athens to Mykonos, and then used the extra time to troll Diogenes with a string of two-star ratings. On the other, he might have feared one-click retail therapy – and its accompanying hits of dopamine – would offset his own triumvirate theory of the Soul, whereby appetite crowds out mankind’s spirit and reason.

We’ve all been there… lacking reason, with fingers hovering over deals-of-the-day, especially around the holidays.

Though Covid-19 may have quieted Black Friday’s usual stampede of in-person shopping (and thus reducing the volume of ER calls from Target), our appetites are still generally enticed by a bargain. And now, of course, is the time. This particular five-day stretch is when corporate retailers go big, tweaking consumer algorithms to make sure they still net what’s traditionally been about one-fifth of their total holiday revenue.

But what if we had to do it all over again?

What if our Republic, as Plato envisioned, was instead ruled by philosopher-kings? By which organizing principles would they choose to govern? Would they still hold true to those Keynesian assumptions, imbibed in this current shopping bonanza, that spending stimulates economic activity and is ultimately a net benefit to society? Or would they question the very bedrock of that system?

It is against that backdrop that we resurface a timely debate, refereed by our host and moderator, John Donvan, who brings a very timely question as we enter this time of both reasoned and unreasonable spending: Is Capitalism a Blessing?

As always, let us know what you think.

David Ariosto

Head of Editorial, Open to Debate

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