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MoveOn Statement: No Labels Abandons Reckless Third-Party Run

Washington, D.C. – In response to reporting that No Labels will announce on Monday that they are finally abandoning their efforts to run a spoiler third-party presidential ticket, MoveOn Political Action Executive Director Rahna Epting released the following statement: “Millions of Americans are relieved that No Labels finally decided to do the right thing to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. Now, it’s time for Robert Kennedy Junior to see the writing on the wall that no third-party has a path forward…
April 4, 2024

Should Congress Stop Funding the War in Ukraine?: Open to Debate and CFR Record Live Debate March 28 in NYC

Debaters include John Mearsheimer, Ambassador Paula Dobriansky, Heather Conley, Lt. Colonel (Ret) Daniel L. Davis     On March 28, nonpartisan debate series Open to Debate (formerly known as Intelligence Squared U.S.) in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations is taping a live debate in New York City on the question “Should Congress Stop Funding the War in Ukraine?” Arguing YES are political scientist John Mearsheimer, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, and retired Lieutenant Colonel Daniel L. Davis, awarded two…
March 7, 2024

Does Taylor Swift Deserve Her Billion Dollar Fortune? Virtual Debate Taping from Open to Debate, March 5

Two political philosophers debate whether even the most beloved billionaires are a policy failure   In October 2023, Forbes declared that Taylor Swift had officially become a billionaire thanks to the earnings from her Eras tour and the value of her music catalog. No one disputes that she got where she is because of her unparalleled talent, relentless work ethic, and passionate support from millions of Swifties. But does this justify her fortune? Maybe not, say some philosophers concerned over…
February 12, 2024

Minow Debate Series explores whether Citizens United has undermined democracy

Feb. 21 event will be presented in person and virtually CHICAGO --- In a high-stakes presidential election year, the nonpartisan debate series Open to Debate (formerly known as Intelligence Squared U.S.) and the Newt and Jo Minow Debate Series at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law are taking a look at more than a decade of the Citizens United U.S. Supreme Court case (Citizens United v. FEC), which determined the first amendment prohibits the government from restricting corporations from spending money on political campaigns. Since the 2010…
January 30, 2024

Has Citizens United Undermined Democracy? Live Debate In-Person in Chicago and Online, Feb 21

In a high-stakes presidential election year, the nonpartisan debate series Open to Debate and the Newt and Jo Minow Debate Series at the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law are taking a look at more than a decade of the Citizens United Supreme Court case. Since the 2010 landmark decision, there have been questions about whether the decision has harmed our democratic process. Those who support the decision argue it upholds free speech, allowing diverse voices in the political arena, and…
January 25, 2024

Open to Debate and the Council on Foreign Relations Taping Iran Debate January 25, In-Person in DC and Online

National Security Council and State Department veterans debate Biden’s diplomacy, Israel’s reaction, and whether Iran poses a threat to the global order   On January 25, nonpartisan debate series Open to Debate (formerly known as Intelligence Squared U.S.) in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations is taking a closer look at Iran in a post-October 7th world. Its presence in the Middle East—and on the world stage—is growing stronger, many say, given its nuclear ambitions and its ability to…
January 22, 2024

Open to Debate (Mock) Tries Trump for the January 6th Attacks, Live Virtual Taping December 14

Lanny Davis for the Prosecution Sara Azari for the Defense   On December 14, Open to Debate (formerly Intelligence Squared U.S.) introduces a new debate format: “Mock Trial.” This new format brings Open to Debate’s balanced approach to the most important cases in America’s legal system to educate listeners across the country. The question to be debated—or, rather, tried— is “Is Trump Guilty in the January 6th Case?” In a preview of what could happen at the actual trial, two…
November 25, 2023

Peter Diamandis and Peter Zeihan Debate the Future, November 1st from Open to Debate

Will tomorrow be better than today? From the start of agriculture to the Industrial Revolution and beyond, humanity has changed and thrived at a level previously unseen in history. Globally, we are more prosperous than ever, mortality rates are dropping while living standards and access to resources are increasing, and we’re taking necessary steps to mitigate the beginning effects of climate change. Some, however, worry that the abundant present we live in now will change for the worse, due to…
October 23, 2023

No Labels and MoveOn Leaders Debate No Labels’ Impact on the 2024 Election

Livestreamed debate taping October 30 from Open to Debate In recent months, the centrist group No Labels has stirred up a lot of discussion about its well-funded efforts to put a third-party ticket on the ballot in every state. Many wonder whether a third-party candidate could have a real chance of winning, given voter's dissatisfaction with both Republicans and Democrats, or whether that candidate would take votes away from President Biden and hand the election to Donald Trump. On October…
October 19, 2023

Michael Ian Black and Lou Perez Debate: “Is Wokeness Killing Comedy?”

Live Open to Debate taping at the Comedy Cellar’s Village Underground, September 20   From comedy specials to TV shows and movies, what makes us laugh has come under scrutiny. Some old jokes and racy skits are considered off-limits in today's context, leading to public apologies, cancellations, and backlash. While society wants more inclusivity and awareness, comedy has now become a cultural battleground. Some argue that political correctness will stifle comedic creativity and worry it will affect comedy’s ability to…
September 12, 2023

“Should Ukraine Get Russia’s Frozen Assets?” Virtual Debate Taping Tuesday, September 19 from Open to Debate

Larry Summers argues YES; Benn Steil argues NO   After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, economic sanctions were imposed on Russia by multiple countries, including the US and the EU. These sanctions targeted Russian individuals and entities, along with finance, aerospace, and other industry sectors. Consequently, certain assets located abroad were frozen and rendered inaccessible to Russians. Should they go to Ukraine? Those arguing yes say it would serve as a form of restitution for perceived aggressions and annexations, while…
September 7, 2023

“Does America Need A Third Party?” Open to Debate Tapes Virtual Debate Wednesday, August 23

Andrew Yang argues YES; Daniel DiSalvo argues NO   In advance of a presidential election in which polls show many voters less than thrilled with either leading candidate, groups like No Labels are calling for third-party “unity tickets” to be added to 2024 ballots. Those who support third parties say that the two-party system breeds polarized partisanship and hinders governance, while a third party would create non-partisan solutions and be more representative of a wider range of ideologies. Those in…
August 15, 2023
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