If Central Banks Print More Money, Will It Lead to Economic Prosperity?

18 November 2015
Emily Stewart

While most agree that the U.S. narrowly avoided a second Great Depression, how that happened isn’t agreed upon. In fact, whether QE works at all is an open question, one that will be debated tonight in New York.

Open to Debate formerly known as Intelligence Squared U.S., a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that seeks to foster constructive, reasonable analysis in public discourse through a series of Oxford-style debates, will host its latest debate on Wednesday, focusing on the following motion: Can central banks print prosperity? In the words of John Donvan, Intelligence Squared U.S.’s long-time debate moderator, four supremely qualified debaters will argue for and against the motion: Simon Johnson a professor and MIT and former chief economist and the IMF (for) Roger Bootle, executive chairman of economic research firm Capital Economics (for)  Edward Conard, a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a former partner at Bain Capital (against); and Andrew Huszar, a senior fellow at Rutgers Business School (against).