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2023: An Exciting Year at Open to Debate

T’was the dusk of 2023. The speakers were nestled, all snug in their views;

While visions of discourse in their minds did peruse;

Intelligence Squared we bid adieu;

To Open to Debate we greeted “How do you do?”

We started 2023, you see,

With globalization backfiring and threats to American democracy;

We said hello to X and wondered if Musk was killing Twitter

(whether we like the name, society still bickers);

China’s power peaking; the sex offender registry;

Should TikTok be banned for you and me;

If more harm than good would come from ChatGPT;

Or legalizing marijuana was a mistake; a debate that came to be;

We had conversations about the science of changing minds, “winning” an argument, and curious conversations in divided times;

Non-compete clauses and if men are finished;

Obsessions with race; if Millennials’ fates will be diminished;

Whether too far left the Democratic Party be

and if the banking system is safer than 2008, you see;

Florida eating New York’s lunch and climate change;

Which directions Modi or Netanyahu’s governments were heading, opinions were exchanged;

Book bans; the debt ceiling; SCOTUS’ original meaning of the Constitution;

Pursuing minor crimes or raising the retirement age, such a noble contribution;

Two debates on Ukraine: to be admitted to NATO or get Russia’s frozen assets;

If social media was bad for kids’ mental health, many placed their bets;

A too-cautious FDA; erasing bad memories; color blindness;

If objectivity is essential and artists borrowing from cultures is a loving kindness

Will we have an abundant future or does economic growth cost too much

Does America need a third party, a question many feel in touch

Whether DEI mandates are a tragedy;

Or if wokeness is killing comedy;

The Secure the Border Act;

If at all events, free will is a fact;

What will be the outcome of 2024

If No Labels is involved, some are unsure;

In case you doubt this was human-written, “What hogwash!” “Such a farce!”

Let this tale prove AI will not kill the creative arts;

Thank you to our listeners and donors who’ve been with us for another year;

There’s more yet to come, have no fear;

Though discourse can be had and leave you tired and weary

Open-minded, civil debate will always live on, ‘tis not a theory;

Now go on and have discussions;

Bring forth cheer, not concussions;

Happy holidays to all and have a happy new year!


Written by: Gabriella Mayer, Editorial & Research Manager

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