Newsletter: Is the Democratic Party Too Far Left?

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About two years ago, we produced a debate that asked a simple question as to whether the GOP had lost its way. So it seemed about time to ask the same of the Democrats. At its core is a closer look at the rise of the progressive left wing of the party, once relegated to the political fringes, and how it is now exerting itself on the legislative process, and indeed the nation. The primacy of the Bernie Sanders campaigns for president, though unsuccessful, seemed to make way for a new crop of democrats, unmoored from the party’s more moderate ways, and ready to hold up issues like police reform, immigration, and climate change with unflinching, and perhaps uncompromising tones.


It’s a good thing, some argue, who see the party as poised to finally make good on its stated priorities, while also capturing the enthusiasm of the country’s more progressive base. But others disagree, and see compromising and centrist voices as essential to both wining elections and actually governing. The shift, they argue, may lead down a dangerous path.

It is in that context, and as the nation gears up for a hugely consequential 2024 race for the presidency, that we debate the following question:
Is the Democratic Party Too Far Left? 


Arguing “YES” is Coleman Hughes, host of the “Conversations with Coleman” podcast, alongside Ruy Teixeira, political scientist and commentator.
Arguing “NO” is Alicia Garza, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, who partnered with Jamaal Bowman, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York’s 16th district, and current member of “The Squad.”


 John Donvan moderates.


As always, let us know what you think.



The percentage of Americans who identify as politically liberal has been steadily increasing for decades. Learn more here.


Is the Democratic Party Too Far Left?



“Democrats have adopted hyper left wing policies that are popular among elite highly educated influencers, journalists and activists that are disproportionately on social media, but not popular and not particularly helpful among the broader constituency, much less the American population as a whole.”

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Coleman Hughes

Open to Debate



“The issue is not that the Democrats have gone too far left, we haven’t gone left enough…. There are so many issues that the American people are demanding for us to fight for and figure out.”

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Jamaal Bowman 

Open to Debate


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